10 Days to GLOW - PART II

So in PART I we gave the lowdown on what happens in Day 1-5 of your 10 days of sheet masking.

Let’s keep going…

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Day 6 - Brightening

You just passed the halfway mark! Brightening sheet masks helps reduce acne scars, sun spots, discoloration from dullness & fine lines. Vitamin C aside, there are many other ingredients that actually help reduce the visibility of scars & dark spots like Niacinamide & Azelaic Acid.

Day 7 - Soothing

Rest & Relax. Stress produces sebum that ultimately clogs your pores. Stress can also make your skin worse, such as cause hives, and rashes that lead to whiteheads & pimples. So if you're stressed, it shows on your skin. Take today to step back from stronger serums and calm your skin. Sheet masking is essential to help prevent and heal your skin from any further skin problems.

Day 8 - Hydrating

Your skin is like a beautiful plant that should be watered everyday. Time to put on those hydrating masks that provide deeper moisture boost for your (now) well-balanced skin.

Day 9 - Firming

You’re almost there! Just like how you wouldn’t give up on a race, don’t stop now with just 2 more days to go! Since your skin is nicely moisturised and hydrated, let’s put on a firming sheet mask that will help lift your skin, even out fine lines and wrinkles, and give your complexion a healthy glow.

Day 10 - Hydrating OR Functional

Congratulations for completing your 10-day challenge! The final mask sheet in our sets can vary from functional to hydrating depending on your skin type. But your blank canvas is set and ready to absorb any wonderful nutrients and serum that you put on!

We can’t stress enough that maintenance is key. Do this routine once a month to see truly well-balanced, radiant skin. Remember to continue to cleanse, sheet mask, exfoliate (occasionally) and moisturise.

Enjoy your new GLOW!