Hydrating vs Functional Sheet Masks

Written By SkynSin

What’s the difference?

Have you ever walked into a store and be overwhelmed by the TONS of sheet masks to choose from? Do you spend 30 minutes standing in front of them, trying to read and understand the words on the back of the packet? Maybe even try to Google some reviews or investigate the ingredients?

The upside - each mask pack will have a word on it to tell you whether it’s for Hydrating, Cooling, Balancing or Anti-aging and so on. The downside? Some are good for your skin type, some are not.

Not many realise this, there isn’t a one-mask-fits-all solution as each mask has a specific benefit for your skin. So first it’s important to establish what skin type you are, then what your skin goals are (i.e. more hydrated looking skin, reduce redness and acne scars, prevent breakouts etc).

So let’s dive a little deeper into the types of masks…

Hydrating Masks

Types: Hydrating, Moisturising, Calming & Balancing

Hydration is essential to your skin! A step you can’t miss in your daily skin care routine. Using a hydrating sheet mask a day builds your skin barrier for better absorption of other skincare products you use. Dehydrated skin in the long run can cause major skin problems such as dryness, uneven skin tone, flaky & irritated skin. You might also experience skin redness and itchiness if it’s constantly dehydrated.

Moisturising sheet masks are meant to restore hydration and suppleness and have reparative properties that work to improve skin elasticity. When your skin is well-hydrated, it looks plump, healthy, smooth and supple. The best thing about hydrating masks - you can use it on a daily basis 👍🏽

Functional Masks

Types: Acne/Pore Control, Anti-Aging, Firming, Brightening, Detox

Functional sheet masks are soaked in intense nutrition-packed solutions or serums. Many brands such as Dr. Jart, Mediheal and Mamonde carry ranges of sheet masks intended for a specific function.

In vastly humid Asian weather, oily skin and breakouts unfortunately go hand-in-hand. So look out for Acne, Pore or Sebum Production Control masks and add that to your skincare routine, followed by a Calming or Soothing Mask the next day.

Anti-aging or firming masks contain ingredients that help reduce signs of aging like fine lines and wrinkles and help with firming. The antioxidants can also help correct uneven skin tones and help revitalise your skin's overall appearance.

The main purpose of brightening masks are to achieve better skin health, retaining its even-toned beauty and everlasting radiant skin. who wouldn’t want to glow as bright as a diamond & flaunt that beautiful skin?

While it’s important to remember to moisturise, detoxing/exfoliating your skin is equally as important. Women are more prone to experiencing congested pores due to the fact that we tend to apply heavier makeup. Detoxing or exfoliating masks helps diminish clogged pores and prevents impurities from building up beneath your skin.

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We need to be aware of what our skin is lacking, whether it needs an extra boost of brightening, firming, hydrating or GLOW! Once you’ve set these goals, sheet masks can be the perfect go-to for taking your skin to the next level.

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Tired of switching up multiple products and still not achieve your skin goals?

A most common issue with skincare is that there might be ingredients you’re sensitive to. A common thought made by most is to mistake sensitive skin with acne-prone skin, or combination (dry + oily) skin with dry skin.

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