Top 4 Perfect Sheet Mask + Moisturiser Combination

Written By SkynSin .

Did you know that there are ingredients that we shouldn’t mix and skincare combinations that aren’t suitable for your skin type?

Here’s our SkynSin bible of all the perfect sheet masks and moisturisers you should be using for glassy & dewy skin! Fret not, SkynSin Skin Concierge has curated all the suitable masks based on each skin type - saving you the researching, trial & error headache and ensuring only the RIGHT products go on your beautiful face.


Tip: You must build your skin barrier. Even though your skin is constantly dry/dehydrated, it doesn't mean you pile on the moisturiser! Too much of anything can result in negative effects. When you apply multiple thick layers of the wrong products, you’ll notice an uneven skin tone & that small fleshy bumps start to appear.

SkynSin Swanky Set Dry + Purito Deep Sea Pure Water Cream

How will this combination help Dry Skin?

  • Combined formula helps brighten up dull complexion and even out your skin tone

  • Mild exfoliation to remove dead skin cells resulting in smoother skin

  • Nourishes and supports the health of your skin


Tip : You’re struggling with uneven sebum production and oily T-Zone but dry cheeks? Most of the time, you’ll be advised to purchase 2 types of moisturiser for combination skin. The secret is to understand your skin type and know what ingredients really work to your benefit that ensures your skin doesn't irritate or break out, but instead improves skin health & enhances your natural glow!

SkynSin Swanky Set Combination + Innisfree Green Tea Balancing Cream EX

How will this combination help Combination Skin?

  • Used to treat eczema & irritated skin 

  • Balances oil production & provides nourishment 

  • Even out skin tone 

  • Improves skin texture


Tip: Patch test any new products on a small part of your skin first. 

Wary of products you apply on your face & body because your skin might flare up? If the slightest contact with dust or food you consume will trigger redness, itchiness, scaling and red fleshy bumps, that’s the common struggle of people with sensitive skin. Here are some ingredients that you should avoid in your skincare:

  1. Coarse scrubs or chemical peels 

  2. Facial oils 

  3. Retinol ointment or moisturisers

SkynSin Swanky Set Sensitive + Cosrx Centella Blemish Cream

How will this combination help Sensitive Skin?

  • Used to treat eczema & irritated skin 

  • Improves the skin’s moisture barrier & epidermal barrier

  • Healing, antibacterial & anti-inflammatory ingredients that bring your pH level back to the optimal level after exposure to surrounding irritants


Tips: Oily skin could mean your skin is dehydrated! Do products you apply on your skin seem to cause more breakouts? Do you assume your skin is oily so you’re careful with the amount of moisturiser you use? The reality is because you’re currently using acne products which are chemically strong and drying, your skin is suffering from dehydration, hence producing excess sebum to compensate for the hydration loss which results in shine and acne-prone skin. Also, great for individuals who are going through skin purging.

SkynSin Swanky Set Oily + Apieu Madecassoside Cream

How will this combination help Acne-prone/Oily Skin?

  • Acne & blemish control

  • Reduces acne-scarring 

  • Improves skin texture - get rid of that rough & bumpy skin!