Common Skin Problems for Men: Oily Skin

Written By SkynSin 

Shiny skin in the afternoon? By evening does it feel like you need to wipe your face with a tissue? If this sounds like you, You’re not alone!

Let’s talk about one of the most common skin problem men face - oily skin. This is because sebum production is naturally higher in men’s skin as opposed to women’s. Of the many causes of oily skin, an overheated face and dehydration are two of the main ones. If left on its own oily skin can lead to breakouts and unpleasant skin blemishes. 

Here’s how to create well-balanced skin:

  1. Sheet Masks

  • Use the right sheet masks that aren’t overbearing on your skin, but still gives it the nutrients it needs

  • Sheet masks can also cool your skin, provide hydration, and help control oil and maintain a healthy, glowing complexion

It’s also important to get into a proper skincare routine to prevent this! Use products that reduce natural oils without totally stripping them away. 

2. Face Wash

  • Use twice daily to remove excess oil

3. Face Scrub

  • Try using weekly to remove dirt, dead skin, and other debris that clumps in skin oil and clog pores

4. Moisturiser

  • One of the common misconceptions is that your skin is too oily and you don’t need to apply moisturiser. Sometimes it might be a result of dehydrated skin, which means that your sebaceous glands could be over-producing oil to compensate for the lack of hydration.


So look out for products that can control sebum production, provide essential hydration and keep your face shine-free throughout the day.

Start your journey to better skin today!