Shaving and Sheet (Masks)

Written By SkynSin .

While beards differ from man-to-man and can vary from a mere bristle to full-blown Chewbacca, it all begins with your skin. Few men realise that skin health plays a HUGE part in skin hair maintenance and can significantly affect your shaving experience.


What you want:

  • Hydrated, balanced skin pH

  • A smooth shave

  • No dry, itchiness, redness or bumps after

How can sheet masks help?

Forget about excessive amounts of products, try using a sheet mask a day to balance your skin pH by giving it the proper hydration, nourishment and moisture it needs. After that, maintain your skin health by doing it consistently.

When NOT to Sheet Mask?

  • DON’T sheet mask right after a shave! Peeling a sheet mask off your face after shaving might further aggravate your skin if it clings to it.

  • DON’T sheet mask immediately after a sweaty workout as this will trap bacteria against your face. Always cleanse first!


You got this, smooth operator!