How To Be A Savvy Skincare Buyer - Fake Products!

Pssst.. Read all the way till the end! 

Ever since we’ve become beauty freaks in college - YES, we were vain & suckers for marketing :) - we’ve all been a victim of fake masks/products and boy… we truly hated it. Not only did we waste hard earned money but our skin reacted negatively to these products which caused major breakouts, skin redness & sensitivity.

To be honest, s
potting fake beauty products is tough if you haven't used it before. Plus you won't actually know which product works for your skin till you actually purchase and use it! So we started comparing outcomes after using each product. Because both of us have ridiculously sensitive/combination skin, we tracked all the products that we used, separated the products that worked well or adversely with our skin, and even kept the packaging! That way, we were sure of what we were applying on our faces. 
What has been a rollercoaster ride for us, has now become a habit.
"We scrutinise every single product because we don’t want to ruin our complexion - it’s painful and disappointing to achieve great skin and then let it get ruined by wrong products." - Kris
So. How do you become a savvy skincare and beauty buyer? 


Korean beauty brands go through rebranding & new packaging pretty frequently. Don’t be alarmed if you’ve received a new packaging - it’s actually a great thing because you’re receiving newer products. Here’s an example of Dr. Jart’s Cicapair Sheet Masks. The packaging has evolved since they first launched their range. 


It’s always safer to buy from a reputable brand. Always read reviews on their Social Media Pages ( Facebook, Instagram ) and Website. Secondly, brand partnerships are a good indication for consumers to know if the beauty store is legit & reputable. Large corporations & brands will only partner & work together with reputable companies that they’ve done their legal due diligence.



If you’re unsure about the product's authenticity, reach out to their team to clarify your concerns. It’s good to have your uncertainties answered instead of lingering in assumptions. If you’ve been searching high & low for a particular favourite brand and found a store that carries it but unsure about its authenticity, it’s best to reach out to them so they can provide you with documentation or assurance to your concerns.
Sometimes we just have to go the extra mile for the things we love! 

Think you've bought a FAKE sheet mask? Take a picture and send it to us! If we've verified it's fake, we'll send you a 100% authentic & genuine sheet mask for free.

Krys from SkynSin