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Friends Who Stick Together

There's never a right or wrong time to send your friend a surprise gift. A gift symbolises as a way to show your thoughtfulness, love, care & affection. Sending or receiving a gift brings smiles & joy to both parties which makes both "feel good". Giving gifts should not be anxiety-inducing. It's the thought that counts!

The Psychology of Gift Giving

Gift giving is a "True-Art". We put a-lot of thought when searching for a gift for our loved ones. From what color they love, to what do they usually do which leads to choosing "What Works Best for them! The gift we choose to gift says a thousand words of your relationship or friendship with a person. 

Why do we give gifts?

To build & reinforce relationships - We send a unique gift to someone to show how much we know that person, or to allow us to communicate our true feelings & gratitude for them. It can happen during special occasions, any normal day or even when someone is feeling down. Choose something they love, enjoy or maybe surprise them with a NEW experience! 

To show love & devotion - Through personalising gifts, it is the best & ideal way to communicate your heartfelt messages & expressing your feelings. Personalisation is UNIQUE. Your gift you designed has your thoughts & interpretation ingrained in it. Giving a gift that reflects who you are are more meaningful. 

To show thanks & appreciation - When we receive gifts, we think of what to return the gift. It sometimes requires some form of reciprocation. Choose something that are expressive & meaningful. It could be something that matches the receiver's preferences

To help others get through a rough patch - Sometimes it's not all about a celebration or happy occasion. Humans go through tough periods & as friends, we try to show some support and care. Thoughtfulness is the biggest motivator for altruistic gift giving. We don't want anything back in return, but to just put a smile on their face. It feels good to see the person you care about smile because of you. A lil gesture goes a long way. 

Why Personalising Gifts Are Great?

SPECIAL. To let someone you care about know that you have thought & put effort to design/create a gift exclusively for them. That's a 100 points for YOU! It creates a memorable memory, experience or moment for them to cherish. Something that will always be important to them. 

Life is great when we make it great! It is filled with reasons to be happy or to make someone happy. How are you celebrating Friendship Day? We love to find out and be part of it!

We want to help you create an amazing gift!

Krys From SkynSin