Self Confidence has gotten to me lately - Is it just me?

Hello Krys,

I’m a workaholic working in a MNC firm as a head of a department and single. I would say I have a successful career, but one thing has really been bothering me - my personal life. I’m worried about this because I want to go out and meet people but I’m too embarrassed about my skin. 

I have really dull skin patches & dark skin tone on my cheeks and forehead so before I go out I normally put on moisturiser, thick foundation, blusher, eyeshadow and most importantly concealer because this is the only way to cover my imperfections. But now I don't know if my skin is getting worse because of the makeup. Because of this, I’ve been on a rampage recently looking up for makeup tutorials and buying all kinds of products. 

I’m feeling really frustrated because I feel like I’m falling into a spiral where my skin is going to take forever to get better but I can’t go without makeup! Makeup is also the only way I feel confident enough to be seen by my friends, let alone meet new people. Without it I feel super self conscious that everyone can see my uneven skin tone and patchy, bumpy skin. Even though we are not going out too much now because of Covid-19, I still have to go on virtual calls and now it’s even worse because only my face is showing!


Miss Losing My Self-Confidence

Dear Miss Losing My Self-Confidence,

Trust us when we say that it’s NOT just you. We’re all human and have our insecurities or negative thoughts at times! You seem to be a strong-minded woman with a wonderful, stable career to be proud of. Firstly, remember that you shouldn’t worry or think about how others view you. Your future partner should be happy with who you are on the inside first and your true friends will appreciate you no matter what. However, it’s understandable that what you hope to have is more self-confidence so here’s where we can help with that.

We suggest to start at the source - your cleanser. Cleansing is a really important step when you apply any makeup. You must remove all makeup impurities before you apply any skincare products, otherwise all the dirt and impurities will start to accumulate on your skin which leads to clogging of pores, and ultimately causing your skin to look dull. Using makeup such as foundation, concealers and makeup tools (e.g. brushes) can cause skin congestion due to a few reasons. Foundations and cleansers are really thick as their purpose is to cover imperfections, so with the wrong formula these can easily clog up your pores. Also, makeup tools that are not cleaned and stored properly will collect dust, dirt & bacteria that will aggravate your skin. 

Heard of double cleansing? It’s simple. After you’ve removed your makeup with makeup remover, cleanse once with a light cleanser, then cleanse again! These products compliment each other, so you can try them out. 

Tip for cleansing:
Use a light oil cleanser. We recommend 
Purito From Green Cleansing Oil

and double-cleanse with

Another tip is to give sheet masking a shot before you head out next time, or even before a virtual call. Korean actresses and singers rejuvenate with a sheet mask before a runway, photoshoot or video shoot. Why? The power-packed serum in the sheet mask provides an instant boost of glow thus reducing the dullness you’re experiencing. It’s not only highly beneficial for your skin but refreshes your mind! Dullness is not only a result of aging, dryness and sun exposure, but also STRESS. When you’re emotionally stressed, you’ll notice dark circles, eye bags & blotchy complexion. If you haven’t got a sheet mask at home (yet), try to keep a few brewed tea bags in your fridge which you can use in the morning over your eyes or any parts of your skin that need a bit of TLC (tender loving care).

Remember, self-confidence = self-love so love your skincare routine and it will do wonders back for you!

Hope this helps!

Krys from SkynSin