Why is my skin burning after using skincare products?

There are a few noticeable indications that your skincare products are causing uncomfortable sensations to your skin. Skincare products contain certain ingredients that can trigger adverse reactions when used on sensitive skin or layered with another product which is too strong. 
  1. Over-layering or using the wrong products 
  2. Self diagnosing sensitive/allergy bumps as acne/blemishes
Here’s what you need to watch out for when testing new products on your skin and should remove it from your routine - we know, it sucks to throw away a brand new serum or moisturiser. Hence, its important to know your skin type & purchase suitable skincare products. We often ask our friends which skincare products are good but not all skincare products work for everyone.

Bad Signs

Major stinging when using it on the first time

  • You’re feeling extremely excited to try your new product and hope that it works! After cleansing your face & applying it generously over your face, only to find out it burns & stings ( across your whole face, mostly on your cheeks and your forehead ) when you apply the first layer. Such a bummer!
  • The new product might contain a high amount of acid-based products, fragrance or preservatives you might be allergic to. DON'T FREAK OUT just yet! Read our tips below. 
  • Your skin feels vulnerable and swollen when you touch it.
  • Your new products could be too intense for your skin-retinoids, beta-hydroxy acid (BHA) or an ingredient you're allergic to. 
Assumptions & mistakes 
People often mistake major stinging & burning sensation with signs of tingling.
  • Tingling sensations for less than a few minutes often happens for people with dry skin or we would say for almost any product (needle like feeling on cheeks & forehead). Some products have ingredients that causes tingling such as Vitamin C serums - during your first week of application, you will feel a slight warm & tingling sensation on your face.
Tips when this happens 
  • Wash your face with cold water and remove all remaining product that caused the burning sensation. It will take 30-45 minutes for your skin to calm down. Again... don't freak out! 
  • Apply a soothing, mild & light-weight cream to soothe & protect your skin from further damage. Your skin is feeling ultimately vulnerable now and it needs a break! Do not apply tons of products to your face at this point. It needs time to recover & breathe.
  • Tempted to scratch your skin? That's a big No-No. Do not to touch your face or scratch even when it’s itchy & stingy. It'll aggravate it further!
  • Note: Did you have scrub your face with a coarse facial scrub or an acid peel before applying your new product? If you did, that could be a possible reason why your skin stings after applying products. Coarse scrubs can lead to damage & small tears in the skin which will cause irritation when applying products. Try to remove the scrub/acid-peel step and test the product all over again. If the sting & burn persists, remove the product from your skincare routine or give it away to someone that uses it. 

Develop itch patches & blotchy flakey skin 

Applying acne products on irritated & allergic skin
  • A common mistake that everyone does - OVER-WASHING! If you’re washing your face 5 times a day… STOP IT! It strips the natural oils that your skin is producing to create and maintain a barrier your skin needs. Dehydration can cause burning sensations which will irritate your skin. 
  • You’ve had your favorite salted egg sotong after a long time and you notice 2-3 red bumps appearing on your face. You assume that it’s a hormonal acne or from oily & fatty food. It is possible you're having a histamine reaction from your favorite sotong. Identify the cause of the red bumps before applying any products such as harsh Salicylic Acid, Benzoyl Peroxide, AHA/BHA. It’ll definitely cause skin redness & burning sensations. 
Assumptions & Mistakes
People often mistake sensitive bumps as pimples instead of allergies. 
  • Sensitive bumps are mini raised bumps that will recover after 1-3 weeks depending on the severity. During this period, stay away from products that will aggravate your skin ( Salicylic Acid, Retinoids, Benzoyl Peroxide, AHA/BHA )
Tips when this happens 
  • Only use one product at a time - refrain from over layering 3-5 products on your face during this period. 
  • We know you get tempted to pinch the bumps, try not to touch your skin and instead use a cold spoon to calm your burning, itching & irritated skin. How to? Clean a spoon, dip it in ice cold water for 1 minute & place the spoon on targeted areas that are burning or irritated to relieve the uncomfortable sensations.


Our Experience 

We’ve used tons of bad sheet masks, serums & moisturisers. Picture shown in the header is a picture of a bad reaction while using the wrong products. She’s finally sharing her secret with all of us on how she’s overcome burning sensations when using the wrong products.

"I'm always researching for products that are gentle for my skin type. Not going to lie, it's been a challenge not because it's hard to find, but because I love to try out new products and it turns into a vicious cycle - always experiencing what you have seen in the first pic. That leads me to actually knowing which products are safe & suitable for my skin type. For the past few months, I've been using A'pieu Madecassoside Cream after I sheet mask daily! When my skin is irritated, this 2 products help to calm & soothe while building a stronger protective skin barrier. After using sheet masks daily for almost 2 years, my skin has been less prone to irritation" - Crystal Ng


She's segregated all the sheet masks that works well & horribly for her! 

Crystal is free from skin burning & irritation when using the products above!

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