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Hello Krys,

I stumbled across you guys on Facebook and I like that you're focused on specific skin concerns and skin types! But I'm curious about how this works as I am not a sheet mask user. I know sheet masks are big in Asia especially countries like Korea and Japan, but what about Malaysia? What are the differences between each types of sheet masks?

I’m really interested to try this out but could you also explain how SkynSin works?

Yours Sincerely,
Miss I-Want-To-Know-More


Dear Miss I-Want-To-Know-More,

We’re glad you dropped us an email to find out more about SkynSin. First of all, we do prioritise products for skin types and those that specific skin concerns. There is no one-size-fits-all product for everyone as everyone's skin is unique. So our team has researched & tested up to 500 different sheet masks & we’ve carefully chosen which sheet masks to include in our curated sets by skin type. Each sheet mask that we’ve included has its own benefit. It can either balance, hydrate, firm, reduce acne, reduce redness, increase collagen production & so on. It's important for us to test and try each sheet mask first and use the information gathered from real people for our consumers. Plus.. we love skincare and enjoy doing it! 

Sheet Masks are not huge in Malaysia YET  because of these main reasons:

  1. Good quality ones are expensive and not easily accessible
  2. Lack of variety
  3. Lack of education

In our opinion, Korean skincare is more suitable for Asian skin and we have seen the best results when we use them. You’ll find all sorts of sheet masks in retail or e-commerce but we take pride in the quality of Korean sheet masks we've carefully selected as well as our own curated schedule. SkynSin only chooses the best sheet masks for each skin type - be it ingredients, functionality or brand, and we take quality & effectiveness very seriously.

SkynSin has different ranges of sheet masks and it all depends on our customer’s goals. We believe in consistency & value the time and effort invested by our customers in order for them to see results. Hence our signature monthly subscription product - SWANKY - is the Top Choice for most customers. Think of this as part of your monthly grooming. Just like waxing, it’s a monthly maintenance. All you have to do is a minimum of 10-days of sheet masks a month to feel good, see results & improve your skin condition. Aging is inevitable too and prevention is better than cure! So we strongly encourage everyone to take their skincare routine seriously.

Our founders and testers used to suffer from troubled, hyper-sensitive skin as well as oily/acne-prone skin. After using SkynSin curated sheet mask sets, their skin is significantly smoother and more well-balanced! They started SkynSin to help friends & family who reach out to them for skincare advice & know that many individuals out there need the same. It may surprise you but not many people are well-versed in skincare. So this is an opportunity to share & spread knowledge to help others.

I hope this helped you in understanding sheet masks and SkynSin a bit more! If you're curious about which of our curated sets is for you, try taking our short online Quiz. I promise it will help!


Krys from SkynSin