Why We Use Amber Glass Jars for Our Soy Candles

Science, Aesthetic & Eco-Friendly Reasons 


With various candle jars, cups & designs out in the market, WHY do we use Amber Candle Jars? This vintage looking apothecary style amber candle jar creates a difference for your home. 

SCIENCE | Filters harmful UV rays & Protects Our Candles

All our candles are made from 100% Soy Wax & it is a known natural ingredient that is sensitive to temperature. Just like how UV rays can damage our skin, soy wax reacts adversely when placed near sunlight throughout its shelf life. Light can not only discolor wax, it also reduces the strength of the candle scent. Amber glasses are one of the best colored filter for protecting our Soy Candles from harmful rays. As soy candle collectors too, we love having amber glasses as home decors!

AESTHETIC | Minimalist & Clean Look

Pic : BEAM | Vanilla + Clary Sage + Rose Geranium

We love burning our candles and we appreciate its look after burning. One of our biggest frustration is the apparent soy wax residue stains after burning which we noticed on our clear glass jars. With our amber jars, we don't notice those stains anymore which is such a relieve. 

Secondly, a good amber jar brings warmth to your house, with or without lighting it. When lit, it showcases a warm orange shadow which brings out your home decor & is perfect for a romantic, calm centerpiece at home. 

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ECO-FRIENDLY | Functional & Reusable or Recyclable

If you don't already know... Glass is one of the 3 items that are easily recyclable if you don't plan to reuse the glass jars. Most of our customers have been reusing our glass jars as pencil holder, trinket holders, sauce bottle or even to store household items like goji berries, chia seed, sugar or pepper. Share with us what you would do with the amber jars! We would love to know.

PROTECT | Preserve 

Our amber candle jars comes with a lid which you should be using to protect your candles. Always leave the lid on the soy candle when you're not burning it. Did you take a look at your candle which has been sitting on your table for 4 months? Do you see hair, dust or maybe a dead bug? The lid will protect the wax from dust, dirt & also keep the scent from evaporating while preserving the cold throw ( when you're not burning it ). All the dirt can ruin the smell of your favorite soy candle! 


That's 4 main reasons why we LOVE our amber candle jars!

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Krys from SkynSin