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Hello Krys

"Help! My skin is breaking out but I'm not on my period!"

"I started using Retinol and now my skin is really red and sensitive"

Hello Krys is a platform for anyone and everyone to share their skin concerns & seek advice.

We then compile the messages and emails we receive and share them on this platform (with their consent, of course) so it can help others who are facing the same issue! #yourenotalone 

Make #HELLOKRYS your go-to for all things skin care related 💛

Say Hello to Krys

Have a skin concern or problem that you'd like answers to? Write to us and we'll get back to you.

As a community, it's important to share knowledge on these topics, no matter how small or trivial, so you don't feel alone!

All posts are re-shared anonymously and only with consent.

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