TRIO 3 | Pre-Period (PMS) Kit

SkynSin Some By Mi Mediheal Tea Tree Placenta Sheet Mask
SkynSin Some By Mi Mediheal Tea Tree Placenta Sheet Mask

Do a 3-day challenge with our Trio Series! We’ve paired 3 sheet masks that works wonders together. If you’re looking for a quick boost of glow, look no-where else, this is your perfect solution to plump & bright skin.

Our Experience

There are sheet masks that work well together & we've noticed that our skin has significantly glowed & plumped up after using this 3 sheet masks in 3 days! Containing rich & nutritional ingredients, this combination is best for individuals who want to see instant results in 3 days!


Mediheal Tea Tree Care Essential EX

Formulated with tea tree, pine needles & portulaca oleracea extract, this sheet mask functions to soothe sensitive skin redness & itchiness, while balancing sebum production leaving your skin smooth & oil-free! Don't we all dislike having greasy, oily skin? It also helped us heal post acne spots and scars by reducing spot redness and bump. We recommend this for a quick overnight fix if you're having a breakout! We ALWAYS use this mask before period week, where it helps to control exess sebum production to avoid any potential hormonal acne/blemishes.

Some By Mi Yuja Niacin Blemish Care

Found our go-to blemish care sheet mask when we need a quick relief, this vegan sheet mask treats blemishes, fades dark spots and promotes overall radiance to the skin. With it's highly-concentrated 10,000 ppm dose of Goheung Yuja extract and niacinamide, this sheet mask promotes an overall healthy glow and smoother sin texture. There are also four types of vitamins to firm & improve skin's elasticity and  PLATOLWHITE-C (patented ingredient) to clear leftover acne breakout. 

Mediheal Placenta Revital Essential Mask EX

Our all time favourite sheet mask! We got hooked onto sheet mask ever since we tried this for the first time. Packed with ingredients like Chitosan & Hydrolyzed Animal Placenta, it helps moisturize dehydrated skin while smoothening out any fine lines & wrinkles. Turn your rough skin texture into a shinier and healthier skin! The mask provides needed nutrition and moisture to keep the skin barrier resilient, supple & bouncy for the whole day!




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