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JOY | 170g Candle

JOY | 170g Candle
JOY | 170g Candle
JOY | 170g Candle

A little JOY goes a long way 💛

Need a moment to unwind? This happy combination of 1 premium sheet mask & our very own natural organic soy wax candle will do the trick! Light the candle, apply your sheet mask and get ready to enter your JOYful place. 

Perfect as a GIFT! Simply add your personalised note and we'll deliver it to them in a special gift wrapping. Show someone special that you're thinking of them 😊

What's Inside:

▪️ 1x Premium Sheet Mask
▪️ SkynSin Hand-poured Soy Wax Candle 170g


Scent | ROYAL | pear + gardenia + sandalwood

The fruity floral scent of pear and gardenia coupled with soothing sandalwood is like taking a walk through a quiet forest on a cool day. Enjoy this grand yet soothing scent during your moments of relaxation.

Scent | BEAM | clary sage + vanilla + rose geranium

A hint of soft, sweet grapefruit and bluebell wrapped in the earthy undertones of clary sage and vanilla to reduce stress and anxiety. Infused with luscious essence of rose geranium for that emotional lift. 

Fill your space with a beam of good vibes and serenity.


170g : Burns up to 30 hours
100% Natural & Organic Soy Wax + Wooden Wick
Phthalates, parabens & sulfate-free

Sheet Mask

Our Experience

Curated to soothe & calm your skin. This sheet mask functions to rejuvenate stressed & dehydrated skin. Suited for individuals who are seeking for some me-time & relaxation. Experience smooth supple skin with these high quality sheet masks.


How To Sheet Mask Properly

  1. Cleanse your skin with your daily cleanser. Remember to remove all makeup thoroughly.

  2. Rub the essence evenly in the sheet mask packet before opening it.

  3. Remove sheet mask from the packet ,unfold and place it on your face aligning the holes starting from the top - eyes, nose & mouth. Pat the remaining essence in the packet all over your neck, arms & legs.

  4. Set a timer for 15-20 minutes then sit back, enjoy your sheet mask me-time! 

  5. Remove the sheet mask, do not wash your face after & gently pat the essence into your face/neck for maximum absorption.

  6. Finish it up by applying your morning or night moisturiser!


Discover a brand new GLOW!


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