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SkynSin is the lovechild of real people who have been frustrated over dull, unhealthy, sensitive skin while constantly searching for a mindful space designed for people,  every emotion & mood. For years, we have been searching for the ideal self-care experience with a holistic approach to attain self-fulfilment needs. 

 With today’s increasingly experimental lifestyle, health & beauty appetite, there are just too many combinations, brands and products to choose from.

The question is - what works for You?



SkynSin is devoted to curate all-around self-care experiences, by designing moments & spaces for you to be present in the moment, fully appreciating & living the moments of the day.  


"It started with troubled skin & bad mood"

Having troubled, irritated skin was one of our biggest issue... We were looking to feel fulfilled after a long or bad day, rough morning or even some time to reflect [especially during these times], hence the birth of SkynSin, because we found that incorporating sheet masks & enjoying a candle were ideal for our fast-paced & stressful lives.

"We've tried up to 700 sheet masks from all parts of the world and found a winner - Korean Sheet Masks!, we've spent months of sheet mask testing & curating for each skin type. And we found that Korean Sheet Masks works best for Asian Skin - Kristyn Gan. 

There are different functions for each sheet mask based on its ingredients & type. 

"Lil' secret... we incorporate calming & balancing sheet masks 3 days before our period or during a stressful week to reduce acne/blemish/hormonal spot appearance. Why? Because selected sheet masks functions to balance sebum production & has anti-bacterial components!"- Crystal Ng

Little did we know, actually creating a safe space at home, in your room or office makes a difference! While experiencing stress & hormonal moments, we nursed our troubled skin with a sheet mask & the aroma of our candle that was curated for each mood. 

Whether we need a boost of energy (BEAM), a de-stressor (ME-TIME / ROYAL), or missing our Girls Night Out (WILD), every scent we've curated works magic for a positive boost.
- Kris & Crys

It's been 1 year time of change in our life. We decided to do something unexpected to activate greater power and wholeness for everyone. Feeling energized and ready to take command of our life and career. The greatest potential lies in prioritizing your own experiences and doing what makes you feel alive. 


Why SkynSin


100% Authentic & Only The BEST

We import Top Korean Masks that works magic for each skin type.  Safety is of the utmost importance to us. Born with sensitive skin, we understand how using any sub par products on your skin will cause redness, blemishes and breakouts. That’s why every mask is tested against each skin type and are 100% authentic and genuine.


100% Hand-poured Organic Soy Candles

Thoughtfully designed for each of your moods and hand-poured in small batches with 💛.  Our fun & luxurious scent from organic 100% natural scented soy wax candles will fill your space and activate your mood as you go about your day!

100% Vegan Product. No dyes, preservatives or additives.


Good for Skin, Health, Mind 

Finding balance between caring for yourself and other responsibilities have been a tough nut to crack. With our product designed to build that space & purpose for you, there'll be not one day you'll look forward to some self-care. 
We valued the simple, fun and effective routine of spending just 15-20 minutes on self-care, and most importantly, seeing positive results at the end.


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