About Us


SkynSin is the lovechild of real people who have been frustrated over dull, unhealthy, sensitive skin for years and have been searching for the ideal skincare solution.

About Us

 It started with troubled skin. 

Our founders love to travel, buy and test different beauty products to ease their moody skin that is both sensitive and prone to breakouts, but soon realised that not all products are suitable for Asian weather, let alone Asian skin.

One day, they discovered that doing the RIGHT combination of sheet masks containing the BEST ingredients daily did wonders for their skin that years of trying out different beauty products never did.

Our concept is in pursuit of one goal: To provide people with a premium yet realistic daily solution that easily treats all skincare needs at once based on skin type.

With today’s increasingly experimental beauty appetite, there are just too many combinations, brands and products to choose from.

The question is - which skincare product or routine works for You?

Turning concept into reality.


After months of research and testing, we found that 10 days a month of daily sheet masking is all it takes. Our team has tried over 400 different types of sheet masks to determine the best combination of ingredients and masks that can be used together.

We called group of real people with various skin types and concerns to try this concept. Our testers-turned-customers truly valued the simple, fun and effective routine of spending just 15-20 minutes on self-care, and most importantly, seeing positive results at the end.

SkynSin is all about providing positive results & spreading proper skincare knowledge.



Why Sheet Masks?


Heard how applying serum is one of the key steps in any skincare routine?

Sheet masks are saturated in up to full bottle of serum containing wonderful hydrating, brightening and anti-aging ingredients, amongst others. It then acts as a seal and lets your skin “rest” while it works its magic for 15-20 minutes, allowing your skin the time to absorb and rejuvenate, giving it the extra boost and glow it needs.

Oh, and one key fact? Use it daily. Asian celebrities endorse using sheet masks everyday.. provided they’re the right ones!


The Right Products


Safety is of the utmost importance to us. Born with sensitive skin, we understand how using any sub par products on your skin will cause redness, blemishes and breakouts. That’s why every mask is tested against each skin type and are 100% authentic and genuine.

 We believe in having a simple, fun & effective way to get better skin.