What are SkynSin candles made from?
Each candle is made with only 100% premium soy wax that is biodegradable. The scents are a blend of oils that are phthalate-free (in compliance with IFRA standards). 

Why soy wax?

Soy is a natural wax option derived from a renewable & biodegradable resource (soy beans), unlike paraffin wax that may contain toxins and can be bad for your health and the environment. While all candles produce soot, soy wax contains no petrol-soot that burns cleaner and also results in less soot. Soy candles also have a longer lasting burn! It is an excellent fragrance carrier that does not require chemical amplifiers. The result is a well-balanced true to scent candle.

What does "hand-poured in small batches" mean?

We carefully pour the soy wax into each candle jar by hand to ensure the structure, scent and visual quality of each individual candle. This also means that our candles are made in small batches (as we can only make so many in one day!) so we are constantly able to innovate and improve. 

What is the shelf-life of your candles?

As our candles are 100% free from preservatives, the recommended shelf life is 6-12 months. Store the candles in a cool, dry place away from intense sunlight. 

What kind of wicks do you use?

All SkynSin candles are made with wooden wicks.

How long do your candles burn for?

Glass - 
180g : burns for 35-40 hours
140g : burns for 22-28 hours

Amber Jar - 
210g : burns for 45-48 hours
110g : burns for 20-22 hours

I received my candle and there are wet spots on it.

We aim to deliver our candles within 1-2 days. However given our hot and humid weather, this may cause our candles to "sweat" during delivery. Don't worry! This doesn't affect the performance of the candle. Simply dab the sweat spots from the top of the candle and light it as normal.

Can I recycle my candle jars?

Yes of course! We appreciate that you wish to be eco-friendly and we feel the same. If you'd like to send your jars back to us simply contact us via WhatsApp, email or any of our social media platforms and we'll arrange for them to be picked up from you via courier. 


Any tips on how to light up my candle for the first time?

Of course! We know you can't wait to use your new candle.

First, light the wooden wick till it burns. It is important for the first time to leave the candle burning long enough (minimum 2 hours) for the wax to fully melt across the width of the candle to prevent tunneling.

A full melt pool will ensure an even burn for future burns and will also release maximum scent throw.

What is tunneling and how do I prevent this from happening?

Candle tunneling occurs when only the center of the wax right around the wick melts and burns down. If candle tunneling occurs over time, you’ll end up with a ring of hard wax around the outside of the candle, reducing the overall burn time for the candle (since all the wax isn’t being used up). It also makes it harder to light the wick as the candle continues to burn down.

Your candle most likely tunnelled because you blew it out too soon before allowing the melt pool to reach the edge of the jar. The trick is to allow it to burn for 2-4 hours before blowing it out. 

Trimming your wick - why is this important?

Trimming will minimise the black soot in your jar as well as create a longer burn time. You can use a tissue to trim off any burnt edges before your next light!

How can I clean my candle jar?

Wait until the glass has cooled, then remove the metal wick tab at the bottom of the candle and then use warm water and soap to clean it out.