Sheet Mask Schedule | Amanda

Hi Amanda 👋🏽

Welcome to your SUPER SAVER 3 month plan! If you're not sure which sheet mask to use first, let us help you.
You can follow this plan to use your SkynSin sheet masks in the most ideal order to balance your skin. We've also included little notes on each mask for your info.

P.S. Bookmark this page or keep your QR sticker handy so you can always revisit!

JULY 2021

1 SOME BY MI YUJA NIACIN Reduce Pigmentation, Brightening

Welcome to your first set!

We know that the occasional blemish or acne is common for those with combination skin. Use this mask to help reduce any acne scars, pigmentation and brighten your skin at the same time!

2 WONJIN Effect Shine Ex Vitality There's a lot of essence in this pack! Remember not to waste any by applying it all over your body wherever you need.
3 Nightingale Herbal-Treat Calming, Soothing A calming herbal green mask to soothe your skin.
4 SNP Hydrating / Pore Purifying A great daily mask that hydrates and also works to remove any skin impurities and tightens your pores.
5 Foodaholic Daily Mask An amazing daily mask for that extra boost of moisture.
6 Mediheal Tea Tree Soothing Our all-time favourite for soothing and moisturising troubled skin.
7 Dr. Jart+ Soothing Hydra Solution Soothing, Hydration Time to give your skin a super boost of hydration with this ultimate winner from Dr. Jart+!