DISCOVERY | mood by SkynSin Scented Candles

DISCOVERY | mood by SkynSin Scented Candles
DISCOVERY | mood by SkynSin Scented Candles
DISCOVERY | mood by SkynSin Scented Candles

Discover¬†3 scents at once ūüĒ≠¬† Perfect as a gift or for yourself!

*Comes in a plain box with a candle care card.

Giving as a gift? Our gift boxes come with custom designed pun-ny stickers, gift wrapping and a personalised hand-written gift note! 

About Our Scents

ROYALE | pear + orange blossom + vetiver -Be swept away into sensual luxury with this charming juicy pear & delicate orange blossom blend. You may notice a secret creamy exotic sweet scent that lingers below the sophisticated, citrus and luscious floral notes of lilies & lilacs suited for spring and summer that produces a rich, almost regal-like scent. Fit for royalty, we think! 

LUSH | blackberry + bay leaves + dahlia - Open your heart & mind to a compelling sunny morning, where wisps of hearty and fruity scents bring back memories of your favourite holiday. The fine sweetness from blackberry & grapefruit blend topped with invigorating bright airy scent from bay leaves accentuates comfort & warmth to your home. 

GET JIGGY | fig + coconut + cedarwood - Can't go to the beach yet? Who gives a fig! Time to get jiggy from home with this fig and coconut candle that surrounds your room with that fruity tropical beach vibe we badly need right now. Let this seductive scent bring Langkawi to you! #getjiggywithfig

ME TIME | neroli + lavender + bergamot - Sometimes you have to break from the grind, clear your mind and have some me time! Self-care is the best present you can give yourself. Make yourself a drink, light this candle, put on a sheet mask and let the floral notes of neroli and lavender calm your senses.

WILD | blackcurrant + gardenia + winter lily - This candle combines wild berries and untamed flowers to bring you a fierce reminder of the outdoors. The sweet and fresh scents of blackcurrant and gardenia will bring the forest straight to your room. Have a wild, wild rest at home!

BUG OFF | lemongrass + java citronella + cedarwood - Unwind, Reset & Recover. An uplifting leafy blend of lemongrass combined with herby basil scents & a soft refreshing citrus undertone reinvents the version of your own luxurious mind-body home spa. Hints of fragrant lime to stimulate your senses and concocted with a calming blend from cedarwood to bring you down to earth, it promotes well-being, relaxation & helps destress, it is great for warding off mosquitoes and creepy-crawlers at home. 

BEAM | vanilla + clary sage + rose geranium - A refreshing, wake-up scent from the peel of citrus paradise tree, grapefruit uplifts your mood all day everyday. Using the power of scent to calm your mind, wrapped in the earthy undertones of fruity floral clary sage and warm velvety vanilla to reduce stress and anxiety, breathe in bold & rosy essence of rose geranium for that emotional lift. Eliminate & prevent the spread of bad vibes in the air. 

ROSY | rosewood + english oak - Escaping within the green forest, breathe hints of organic and fresh air, the deep woodsy notes that elevates each step. Embrace your sensors by surrounding yourself with luscious roses & berries dangling in the wild bringing a bright contrast to oak woodiness. Essences of fresh rose blend with a down-to-earth scent, is firm and although it hints at a floral it isn't flouncy, but a more grounded, earthy floral. 

TEA TIME | white peach + pandan + jasmine - It's time for a break! Breathe in the warm, calming local flavour of pandan infused with charming jasmine flowers and soft white peach as you let your mind unwind. Our recommendation? Best enjoyed at 5pm with a soothing drink and a delicious kiuh or cake!



Jar + Gold Cap 110g
Burns up to 22 hours
Recommended for small to medium spaces (300 - 500 sq.f.)


Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews
Bought for friend's wedding and smells amazing from outside

I bought this for my friend's wedding, hoping the newly weds will find it useful for post-wedding relaxation, haha. It does smell very good from outside, so I bet its amazing when lit up. Order process was smooth and delivery was swift. Would like to try one myself.

Ainna Sofea

the combination of the scented candles are very great! My friend like it so much..thankyou

Syazwani Salleh

Lush and beam got the best scents for room


I gave a few try before reviewing and all I can say is, my experience with the products wasn’t pleasant at all. I went through hassle lighting the wick (after the first burn) though I followed the care instructions. Wasn’t expecting the wick to be so short and fragile, it doesn’t hold in place and sinked in when the soy wax melts down. The next thing you know, you have to scrape to the bottom to look for the wick.

Victoria Heng
Bought this as a gift

Friend really enjoyed the candles. Gift was beautifully packed



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