SELECT 7 | Exfoliate & Detox

SELECT 7 | Exfoliate & Detox
SELECT 7 | Exfoliate & Detox

Discover the ultimate results-driven skin detox set. Designed to give you radiant & glowing skin the next day and for days to come!

Normal Retail Price: RM 130
SkynSin Price: RM 79 (35% off normal retail price)

What’s inside

▪️ 7 Essential Brightening Korean Sheet Masks

▪️ SkynSin Care Card


Dr.Jart+ Dermask Ultra Jet Peeling Solution Mask

This mask functions to deliver a radiant, smoother, clearer skin with this innovative bubbling mask that exfoliates your skin’s surface and evens out the appearance of skin tone - It's a two step mask!

Formulated with carbonic acid powder infused with carbon dioxide which activates to help deeply penetrate and clear out pores. Step 1: A blend of sugar scrub and fruit acids, including papaya enzymes, help to gently resurface skin and even out the complexion. Soothing allantoin and olive oil give comfort and add moisture to skin, leaving it soft and cushiony. Step 2: The innovative, cellulose sheet mask has a natural violet hue that changes colour to indicate the shift in your skin’s pH balance.

It's actually a really fun mask to use & not forgetting it really works to exfoliate dead skin cells! Tried it and we loved it!

VT Cica Care Mask

Why this mask? Because this mask helps calm & protect your skin after exfoliation. This mask functions as a skin calming sheet mask which contains ingredients such as Centella Asiatica, Chamomile, Fairy Fruit Extract, and Moroccan Argan Oil. This amazing Cica mask brings on the A-game when it comes to hydrating and soothing ingredients. After exfoliating, your skin is vulnerable and it needs care from this mask! Use this mask the next day after using Dr. Jart Peeling Solution Mask.

Aroh Manuka Honey Skin Glow Mask

Who doesn't love a good glow after exfoliating? A good brightening mask is a MUST! Why this mask? This sheet mask packed in ample amount of essence provides deep moisturization and nourishment. It is formulated to draw out impurities and toxins, refine pores and improve skin texture to reveal a glowing, smooth complexion. This effectively reduces whiteheads and exfoliates gunk to create clearer looking complexion

Manuka Honey: It balances your skin’s pH level and help slough away dead cell debris to keep your skin cleansed. Its anti-inflammatory properties decreases any inflammation caused by acne/blemishes.

Camellia extract: Assists in hydrating your skin & functions as an antioxidant; simultaneously improves skin structure –  reduce roughness and fine lines. Say HELLO to smooth skin!


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